About Permutive

Founded in 2014, Permutive is the data platform for today's real-time world. We enable digital product, commercial and marketing mangers to customize user experience in real-time, on every device across every channel.

Permutive is the simplest and most flexible way to integrate data-driven user models into your product. Our API lets you programmatically collect, store, and react to any user event. We handle the tracking of every user’s interactions, and then provide a powerful user query layer that lets you personalize user experiences on the fly.

What We're Building

We’re a friendly team trying to make big data actionable by anyone. We believe that enterprise companies build clunky platforms which make big data confusing, frustrating and boring. Manipulating billions of data points should feel like you’re being plugged into the Matrix; not into a 90s accountancy package.

Our technology is fundamentally different. Every day we process billions of events across hundreds of millions of users — and we give results in milliseconds. We’ve built the world’s fastest data management platform and the implications are huge.

Revenue is growing super fast; we’re working with flagship publishers and marketers; and we’re beating billion dollar competitors in market.


We recently raised a Series A (January 2018) off the back of strong revenue growth and platform adoption, and before that were backed by Octopus Ventures (SwiftKey, Zoopla, LOVEFiLM, Secret Escapes), Y Combinator (Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe, Reddit, Docker), and EF.

Current openings