Software Engineer, SDK

London, England, United Kingdom · Engineering


Permutive is looking for a Software Engineer to help connect our real-time data management platform to the rest of the world.

Our SDK is responsible for tracking billions of events every day, syncing with our cloud infrastructure, and reacting to events in real-time. This is not a typical SDK: it is highly complex, involves asynchronous code and runs at scale on millions of devices every day. This presents a number of interesting engineering challenges, and for this reason, we believe a Computer Science degree and some experience in backend engineering is essential for this role. We'll be happy to discuss this in more detail if you come in for interview.

The SDK itself is written in TypeScript, a statically typed language which transpiles to JavaScript. We are looking for an engineer to take full ownership of this part of our product - maintaining the roadmap, planning new features and seeing them through to deployment. There is also scope for exploring new web technologies such as WebAssembly in the future.

An ideal fit would be a candidate with a Computer Science background, who perhaps plans to be a co-founder and wants to get a deeper understanding of early stage startups. Or you'll be an engineer with some commercial experience, who is keen to join a growing team and make a real difference. Either way you'll be excited by the opportunity to join a fast-growing start-up, in a role where you'll be able to take ownership of a core part of the platform.

On a day-to-day basis you will:

As an early hire you will also have the opportunity to be exposed and contribute to every aspect of the business, from product decisions and development processes to strategy.


We think to be brilliant in your role you really need to have:

It would be a plus if you have any of these:

Who We Are

We’re a small team trying to make big data actionable by anyone. We believe that enterprise companies build clunky platforms which make big data confusing, frustrating and boring. Manipulating billions of data points should feel like you’re being plugged into the Matrix; not into a 90s accountancy package.

Our technology is fundamentally different. Every day we process billions of events across hundreds of millions of users - and we give results in milliseconds. We’ve built the world’s fastest Data Management Platform and the implications are huge.

Revenue is growing super fast; we’re working with flagship publishers and marketers; and we’re beating billion dollar competitors in market. On route to this, we’ve been backed by some of the world’s best investors, including Y Combinator, EF and Octopus Ventures.

Behind the scenes our goal is to build an incredible company with an extraordinary culture. We’re looking for people who are excited by growth, embrace responsibility and are excited by enormous challenges. It’s a really exciting time to join, experience start-up life and shape who we become.


In our mind the real benefit is to join a team where you have a laugh together, have a huge personal impact on decisions and get excited about things together. It’s that incredible team feeling of ‘You’re my team and we’re gonna smash this’.

As a VC backed start-up we hope you’ll gain a huge amount from working with our team. And, of course, there’s other perks too.

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